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Elon Musk recently launched his own social media to beat Twitter!

Elon Musk just launched his own social media platform that seeks to be Twitter and other microblogging sites such as Facebook Instagram and WhatsApp. The tesla billionaire made the move after the Twitter board blocked his bit of taking the giant communication side private.

Elon’s new and insane social media platform is giving Twitter a run for its money. The Tesla founder and CEO have been having the idea of launching a social media platform for quite some time. But the idea was revived in late march just a few days before he could buy a 9.2 stake in twitter on the 25th and 26th of march he criticized the Twitter over its failure and promoted free speech and democracy before posting a tweet that reads

“Is a new platform needed”

Elon’s tweet went viral as the internet was flooded with the news of Elon musk developing a new platform.

One Twitter user who seemingly needed the tesla CEO’s take on the issue replied to musk’s tweet with a question and a comment that says

“Would you consider building a new social media platform?”

“One that would consist of an open-source algorithm one where free speech and
adhering to free speech is given top priority one where propaganda is very minimal I think that kind of platform is needed”.

The response of the world’s richest man on the issue clearly showed that Elon was up to something serious as he responded in a tweet that says: “I am giving serious thought to this”.

You can rest assured that something big is in the pipeline when a genius like Elon says that he is seriously thinking about something.

By the way, if you didn’t know Elon musk uses the first principle’s thinking method when he boils down things to fundamental parts that are true and starts reasoning from there.

I thought you should know as such you can trust that Elon has carefully analyzed the social media industry and found its weakness which he will fix using his new social media platform. Elon musk’s conclusions are not based on rumours or imagination. The business magnate perfectly understands how to collect credible information that he uses in making conclusions.

As a way of diagnosing the problem that is ailing Twitter, he posted a poll on the communication platform that reads

“Free speech is essential to a functioning democracy.

Do you believe Twitter rigorously adheres to this principle?”

Roughly around 2 million people participated in the online poll. 70 of them said that Twitter does not respect free speech.

With that Elon had his answer and decided to do something about it. His first move was to make an offer of taking Twitter private for 43 billion dollars. to his utter disappointment the Twitter board devised a plan that was going to
making it difficult for musk to buy 100% stock on Twitter.  

The multi-talented CEO believes that Twitter can only be reformed when it is private. While attending the ted 2022 conference the tech icon made it clear that he has a plan b should the Twitter board continue frustrating his bid of taking the giant communication side private. and your guess of Elon musk’s plan b is as good as mine. He is going to launch a giant social media platform that will rival Twitter.

If you could be wondering whether we really need a new social media platform considering that we already have numerous social media sites. The simple answer is yes we need the new social media platform as the current ones have just too many flaws.

The good thing with musk’s new social media platform is free speech where everyone is allowed to say what they think and feel.

Twitter on its part has a habit of censoring speech that they do not agree with on their platform. a very good example is Twitter banned Donald trump from their platform in his final days in office back in January 2021.
trump was also banned from Facebook, and Instagram among other platforms, as a result, the 45th president of America decided to launch his own social media site which is known as a social truth.

Trump’s social media platform is not that popular as it is only available to iOS users. android users and anyone outside us are not able to access the social media platform.

Most social media users will agree that they need a new platform that makes their algorithms public we definitely need other social media sites. as the current ones are very toxic. most social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram are very addictive which is not healthy. the platforms have been made in such a way that most people will get glued for a long time instead of engaging in productive work.

Instagram on its part promotes the concept of fake lives as people will only post pictures that only show the bright side of life. consequently, other ig users are likely to get stressed as they will see that they are not doing as well as the other peers on the site. therefore we need a social media site that is not addictive. Snapchat on its part has wreaked a lot of havoc on the teens. there are numerous cases of young people who have committed suicide after they have been trolled online. Or some of their nude pics have been exposed on the site in that regard we need better sites that will ensure that the young people are safe while enjoying their time on a social media platform.

We also need a new social media platform as the current ones are full of inequality. we’ve all seen plenty of real-world examples. one user will get banned for posting something while another user can post the exact same type of thing with no consequence.

2022 is the perfect time for Elon musk to launch a new social media platform after the Twitter board blocked him from taking the giant social media platform private. Currently, most people are fed up with the existing social media sites and will readily welcome a new platform. With the hype about a new social media app, a single tweet by Elon musk is enough to influence people into joining his new platform.

Musk is very popular as he currently enjoys a following of more than 82.5 million people on Twitter. We definitely need a social media platform that promotes privacy. Facebook is a perfect example of a company that does not respect the privacy of its users. It is alleged that Facebook was involved in a data breach when it colluded with Cambridge Analytica to rig the u.s elections in 2016.

Telegram and signal are some of the sites that are known for promoting the privacy of their users the browser DuckDuckGo is also a good try if at all you value your privacy when online if there is a man that you would want to launch a social media site that is Elon Musk.

The tech genius has got what it takes to successfully run a social media platform. besides his brilliance and wealth, he also has a good sense of humor that most CEOs don’t have. believe me when I tell you most people will always want to see musk’s posts.

They are interesting as well as informative. But it is the drama that is linked with the post of the tesla ceo that will impress you. He is so smart and has an excellent way of destroying his enemies on social media platforms. The avid Twitter user has used the platform more often than not to destroy his enemies.

He does not even spare the most powerful people on the planet. president Biden and president Putin are some of the most powerful figures that he has trolled before.

Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos are also some of the tech CEOs that Elon has attacked Twitter. Even Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal also knows what it means to be criticized by Elon musk. What is more, it’s interesting that musk is brave enough to even challenge Twitter on Twitter.

By the way, musk has more followers on Twitter than twitter itself. As such you can be sure that no one would want to mess with a platform that has been started by Elon Musk. The multi-talented ceo also has the capacity to bring on a board of excellent teams that can build a successful social media platform.

Many social media platforms have been built before but they have not picked up well as they did not attract very many people. A social media platform needs to attract as many people as possible when it is launched for it to break even.

There is no doubt that Elon musk’s new social media platforms will attract millions of people as soon as it is launched. This will be a pretty big blow to Twitter.

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