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Cordova: How to check if a file exists or not?

document.addEventListener("deviceready", init, false);

//The directory to store data
var store;

//File name of our important data file we didn't ship with the app
var fileName = "testfile.txt";

function init() {

    console.log("Checking for data file.");
    // output in android: file:///storage/emulated/0/
    store = cordova.file.externalRootDirectory;
   // or
   // store = "cdvfile://localhost/persistent/";
    //Check for the file. 
    window.resolveLocalFileSystemURL(store + fileName, onSuccess, onFail);


function onSuccess() {
   console.log("Great! This file exists");

function onFail() {
    console.log('Sorry! File not Found');

Above code works for both files and directories.

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