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Best Websites to download Copyright free images or videos

unDraw https://undraw.co ( Illustrations ) Pexels https://www.pexels.com/

How to kill a port in Windows OS ? – SOLVED

Run command-line as an Administrator netstat -ano | findstr :<yourPortNumber> This would show you a list like this: In above screenshot you can see a row with...

How to block TickTock on your router?

I tried these urls to block on the router and it worked very well. v19.tiktokcdn.com v16.tiktokcdn.com api.tiktokv.com api-h2.tiktokv.com api21-h2.tiktokv.com mon.tiktokv.com ib.tiktokv.com p16-tiktokcdn-com.akamaized.net v16-tiktokcdn-com.akamaized.net

Install Lets Encrypt SSL Certificate using Docker, WordPress and DigitalOcean

In this article I am going to show you that how to install SSL Certificate on your wordpress website using Docker, Docker compose, Let’s...

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