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Elon Musk recently launched his own social media to beat Twitter!

Elon Musk just launched his own social media platform that seeks to be Twitter and other microblogging sites such as Facebook Instagram and WhatsApp....

How to use RESTful Api with Angular?


How to install bootstrap in angular?

In this article I will show you how to install bootstrap in Angular. I also recorded a Video version of this Article. So you can...

Best websites to upload reactjs and Angular.js app for free

1- Netlify: https://www.netlify.com/ 2- Vercel: https://vercel.com

VirtualBox useful commands

convert¬† disk from fixed type to dynamic: VBoxManage clonemedium disk "./oldDisk.vhd" "./newDisk.vhd" --variant Standard resize disk size VBoxManage modifyhd "newDisk.vhd" --resize 30000    

How to deploy static website to s3 bucket using aws cli ?

aws s3 cp ./www s3://YOUR_BUCKET_NAME --recursive --acl public-read

Best Payment Methods to receive/send payments online

Payoneer Transferwise Paypal Xoom https://paddle.com/ https://www.2checkout.com/

OCSP Stapling on Apache 14.04 using Lets Encrypt


Best websites to get free domains


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