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Ayyaz Zafar

I am Full Stack Web Developer with 10 years of professional Experience. I have following Skills: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, Ajax, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Angular, React.js, Wordpress, Codeigniter, Laravel, Node.js, Mongo DB, Express.js, GraphQL, Typescript, Apollo and many more..

Best Payment Methods / APIs to integrate with applications

Paypal Stripe BrainTree 2checkout

Best Websites to Learn Javascript


Fix SQL Error: GROUP BY incompatible with sql_mode=only_full_group_by

MySQL 5.7.5+ changed the GROUP BY behavior. So in this and future versions GROUP BY would not work in same way as it used...

PHP: How to fix Image rotation issue in img tag because of EXIF

Photos captured by some smartphones especially iPhones are automatically rotated when we use it in <img> tag which is mostly not acceptable as we...

PHP: Array Version of htmlspecialchars() function

htmlspecialchars() function should be used for security reason to echo values from any variable. But htmlspecialchars() doe's not work for arrays so following function would...

Understanding prototypes in javascript

http://yehudakatz.com/2011/08/12/understanding-prototypes-in-javascript/ https://www.pluralsight.com/blog/software-development/understanding-javascript-prototypes https://javascriptweblog.wordpress.com/2010/06/07/understanding-javascript-prototypes/

Top Earning Websites for Skilled People / Freelancers

Upwork.com Freelancer.com Guru.com PeoplePerHour.com https://hackhands.com/ ( Become Mentor, Help people Live and earn ) Fiverr.com www.fivesquid.com https://www.toptal.com/

Best Websites to Learn Programming in Free

https://frontendmasters.com/ https://www.class-central.com http://www.udacity.com http://www.freecodeamp.com https://codecademy.com https://mva.microsoft.com/ https://github.com/open-source-society/computer-science https://www.khanacademy.org https://www.safaribooksonline.com/ ( One Month Free Trial ) http://edx.org http://coursera.org http://udemy.com https://www.skillshare.com/ https://thenewboston.com/videos.php https://angularfirebase.com/ http://w3schools.com https://www.airpair.com/ ...

How to remove index.php from codeigniter in UBUNTU?

This tutorial will show you that how to remove index.php from codeigniter in UBUNTU or how to enable url rewriting. Step 1 : Add this in...

How to get phpmyadmin / Mysql root password through terminal?

Required steps to perform this: You should have root access to terminal. Server: Ubuntu 14 LAMP should be installed. Run this command: cat /etc/motd.tail

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