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2. Create WhatsApp UI Clone using Angular 10 (Completed Sidebar)

2. Create WhatsApp UI Clone using Angular 10 (Completed Sidebar)
In this web development tutorial I covered following topics:
0:00 – Recap
1:20 – Improving the search box
5:25 – Setting up the prettier formatter for VS Code to auto format on save
8:29 – Refactoring the code by splitting code in components with Angular Cli
14:07 – Installing Angular Language Service extension for VSCode
16:47 – Completing Sidebar Header
37:38 – Starting work on Sidebar Content
1:01:45 – Making list of conversation in html dynamic by using array in typescript class
1:15:04 – Adding icons for delivered and read status
1:19:07 – Final Look

You can find the source code from this Github Url:

If you did not watch the first part then please watch it from this link:
1. Create WhatsApp UI Clone using Angular 10 (Started work on sidebar)

3. Create WhatsApp UI Clone using Angular 10 (Started work on Chat)

4. Create WhatsApp UI Clone using Angular 10 (Completed Chat)

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